Beauty is in the eye of the egg holder

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Made from 170 beer cans, maybe a couple of soft drinks, and some pig intestine.

Work is where the floor is. The parquet serves pretty well as a sanding board. Once I find a sweet spot, I don’t move. Good sanding paper does miracles too. I now appreciate the value of good quality sanding paper.

At some point one runs out of adhesives. But there always is a masking tape.

Fine polish.

I project how I feel. I really want the egg cup…


The other egg cup is made from Gambrinus and Kozel beer cans, maybe 150 of them. When in Prague, roll with the local beer.




People often comment as to my branding, or the lack of it. This time I made an executive decision to give them exactly what they want. I sign my eggs now.

Last attempt to take a good photograph…may I point out that I’m crap at it? I spend more time getting dirty than learning new tricks in the tech pool. What you see is what I got.

Cup number 3 is on the way. And we start again.

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